Systemix Institute

Systemix Institute conducts state-of-the-art research in advanced genomics. We took part in decoding the transcriptomes of many organisms in collaboration with leading groups from around the world. Our work has been covered by BBC news and published in top scientific journals.

i) Systemix Institute led the electric eel genome project, which helped in identifying the set of genes likely involved in functionality of electric organ. The results were published in Science in 2014.

ii) Systemix Institute was first to functionally characterize a long non-coding RNA (HRA1) identified by tiling array experiments. Nobel laureate Sidney Altman‘s group continued work on HRA1 and showed it to be an RNase P substrate.

iii) Systemix Institute helped in decoding the genome sequence and transcriptome of purple sea urchin.

iv) Systemix Institute took part in revealing the mystery of honeybee genome.


v) Systemix Institute helped in understanding multi-cellularity in brown alga.

Systemix Institute is currently a leader in next-generation sequence analysis, and maintains the informative blog widely read by NGS bioinformaticians.

We are located in Redmond, Washington. Please contact samanta at for additional information.